Team TRAY:
Digital Development

Vinny McKee, Drupal development dynamo — For over 10 years, Vinny has been developing websites for businesses of all types and sizes. Vinny holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Washington State University and specializes in building websites using a wide array of web-related technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. He is an expert at building sites in CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress, and has extensive experience with e-commerce and email marketing. Vinny has a passion for music, crowd-sourcing, aviation, culinary experiences and Great Danes. View his entire portfolio HERE.

Christine Estrada, Custom CMS champion— Christine combines tech skills with people skills, and can easily talk with clients in “English” rather than tech-speak. She has worked in the web industry for over a decade creating engaging solutions for agencies, start-ups, large businesses, and everything in between. She’s a pro in front-end technologies and specializes in responsive web development, open source solutions, and custom WordPress and ExpressionEngine sites. She’s also spent time working with Flex and other interactive technologies. When not dreaming code, Christine is usually found traveling, running, mountain biking, snowboarding, drinking coffee or hanging with her dog. She’s an avid supporter of the Arthritis Foundation, public radio, Kiva, Girls on the Run, and numerous other fitness and women-related non-profits.

Erin Pierce, WordPress wiz— Erin has the perfect left and right brain balance, bringing both a background in design as well as five years as an expert coder. She knows WordPress inside and out and has taught college-level courses in Flash. She is especially skilled at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP, and maintains optimum design integrity in her execution. Erin is a solutions-oriented pro, taking on any web challenge with finesse, style and impeccably clean code.

April Leone, code connoisseur — April has been developing websites since 1998. She’s a guru in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript libraries and more. For the last ten years she’s been hand-developing CMS tools and User Interfaces for the,, and Eve For Enterprise social networking platforms. These platforms include blogs, forums, audio and video and powerful administrative functions. April specializes in developing smart platforms for handoff to clients. Her code is always clean, well documented and easy to understand. She knows all the IE bug quirk fixes by heart, and can develop a website with efficiency and know-how.