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Google's new Image Search interface makes everything look happier. Almost.

There’s a new result in Google Search: actual design

Something unexpected has been happening at Google. It’s been bubbling up through small, subtle changes to the interfaces of Google+, Google Maps and YouTube. And now, in the past few months, it’s been slowly creeping into the forefather of them all, Google Search. It’s quite simply this: design that dares to merge aesthetics with functionality….

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February 5, 2013

Design, Technology


Four powerful video PSAs

The best PSAs, whether humorous or serious, use emotional hooks not only to inspire awareness about important issues but to compel viewers to take action. Here are four of the best we’ve seen.   Embrace Life: Always Wear Your Seat Belt The 15 million YouTube views that this British spot has earned are a testament…

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Video still from a short film created by Hand Crank Films for the University of Washington's Foster School of Business

You have a great story. Tell it with video.

At our core, TRAY helps brands share their stories with the world. And few forms of modern storytelling are more expressive, more accessible and more sought-after than video. TRAY’s friends at the video production company Hand Crank Films are experts at telling stories via video, including a moving, award-winning PSA called “9/11 Happened to Us…

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