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TRAY launches new website for Green Cleaning Seattle

November 18, 2013 | by TRAY creative

A small business we admire is Green Cleaning Seattle – Eco-Maid Services. They’re Seattle’s locally owned and woman-operated green housecleaning company. And like us, they’re members of Seattle Good Business Network. So we were thrilled to have an opportunity to redesign their website. We gave it a clean, fresh look, befitting the company’s use of biodegradable, […]

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TRAY launches new brand for Berry Delight

June 25, 2013 | by TRAY creative

Summer’s here. The perfect time for a cup of delicious frozen yogurt piled high with fresh toppings. And not coincidentally, the perfect time for TRAY to roll out a new brand for Berry Delight, an up-and-coming frozen yogurt store based in Pleasanton, Cal. Working from a solid brand strategy developed by Maria Ross of Red […]

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TRAY launches new website for Caffe Vita

March 11, 2013 | by TRAY creative

Here at TRAY we love us some coffee, particularly Caffe Vita, the popular Seattle coffee roaster that’s expanding into cities around the country. So it’s with great pleasure — and much caffeine — that we announce the launch of Caffe Vita’s new website. TRAY worked with the Vita team to determine how a new website and e-commerce […]

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10 signs you need a new website

March 5, 2013 | by TRAY creative
What have I done?!

1. Your site’s homepage experience opens with a seizure-inducing Flash animation sequence. 2. And includes loud, new-age music that starts on auto-play. 3. And contains the words, “Welcome to our website!” 4. While the content on your home page is loading, visitors can go and eat a sandwich and return in time to see the […]

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TRAY’s newest project is up: Dine Around Seattle

February 25, 2013 | by TRAY creative

We’re happy — and a little hungry — to announce our latest project: the redesigned website for Dine Around Seattle. In case you’re not familiar, Dine Around Seattle is a screaming deal: From March 3rd through 28th, it’s just $30 for three courses at some of Seattle’s best independent, local restaurants. (If you happen to […]

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