Why we do it:
to keep giving back.

On behalf of our clients, TRAY takes on pro bono projects to support deserving nonprofit organizations. Our beneficiaries get the collective brainpower, skills and financial support of our team of creative humanitarians, and fill gaps in their financial or communications needs. Our clients further their socially responsible objectives and achieve the goodwill of helping a vital nonprofit cause. And our team members get the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve made more than just a paycheck—they’ve made a difference. Everybody wins.

The leading causes on our tray

TRAY gets behind for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations and creative individuals who support issues including but not limited to:

  • Animal protection
  • Culture/arts
  • Environmental protection
  • Global poverty relief
  • Health/healthcare reform
  • Human development and education
  • Social justice and human rights
  • Sustainable/organic food

Creative for a cause.

Some of the valuable organizations for which TRAY has lent its brainpower:

Women’s Funding Alliance
TRAY Role: Developed and managed WFA’s sponsorship of the CraveGREEN event, including messaging, fundraising concepts and on-site signage.
Career Gear
TRAY Role: Created “pitch book” for presentation to potential corporate partners.
TRAY Role: Developed name, messaging and presentation materials for “Jolkona WORKS” corporate partnership program; designed Jolkona gift card.
Friends of the Cedar River Watershed
TRAY Role: Developed messaging platform for key stakeholders; provided consultation on marketing/communications strategy.
TRAY Role: Provided consultation on marketing plan, messaging platform and visual identity.
The Sharehouse
TRAY Role: Provided key messaging and fundraising concepts