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ARC plasma speaker

Kickstart-ing in the 206

Look up the definition of “kick-start” and you’ll find the rather boring: (noun) A device to start an engine by the downward thrust of a pedal, as in older motorcycles. But ask anyone in this day and age and they will immediately point you towards the immensely popular and fascinating crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The same website that allowed 3…

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July 17, 2014

Lifestyle, Marketing, Technology

TRAY launches new brand for Berry Delight

Summer’s here. The perfect time for a cup of delicious frozen yogurt piled high with fresh toppings. And not coincidentally, the perfect time for TRAY to roll out a new brand for Berry Delight, an up-and-coming frozen yogurt store based in Pleasanton, Cal. Working from a solid brand strategy developed by Maria Ross of Red…

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June 25, 2013

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More mentally stimulating than Honey Boo Boo (Image: DogTV)

Niche marketing goes barking mad: a TV channel for dogs

In an age where seemingly every niche market gets its own cable TV network, you knew something like this was coming: DirecTV has just announced the addition of DogTV, a premium channel targeted exclusively to dogs. Not dog owners. Dogs. DogTV features images and audio claimed to be specifically calibrated for canine sensitivities. According to…

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April 10, 2013

Lifestyle, Marketing


Panera Bread joins Chipotle in promoting social consciousness

It looks like Chipotle isn’t the only quick-serve restaurant chain infusing its socially conscious values into its branding and marketing efforts; Panera Bread is seeing the light as well. Panera recently launched a values-focused marketing campaign, led by the tagline “Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously,” to frame the company’s socially responsible practices, including its use of…

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TRAY’s newest project is up: Dine Around Seattle

We’re happy — and a little hungry — to announce our latest project: the redesigned website for Dine Around Seattle. In case you’re not familiar, Dine Around Seattle is a screaming deal: From March 3rd through 28th, it’s just $30 for three courses at some of Seattle’s best independent, local restaurants. (If you happen to…

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February 25, 2013

Lifestyle, TRAY News

Who wouldn't want to see this parked in front of their office? (Image: Stouffer's)

Cause marketing campaign case study: Stouffer’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese Truck

As part of a recent promotion, three of our favorite things converged: social media, cause marketing, and macaroni and cheese. Over the course of three weeks, the Stouffer’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese Food Truck made the rounds throughout New York City, dishing out gourmet versions of everyone’s favorite comfort food in support of Hurricane Sandy Relief…

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Detail from Zillow Digs

What makes Zillow Digs more than merely Pinterest-ing

Looks like Zillow, the leading real estate information marketplace, is aiming to become a full-on lifestyle resource for homeowners. The Seattle-based company has just announced the launch of Zillow Digs, a home improvement resource available on and through a free iPad app. According to a company press release, Zillow Digs allows home shoppers and…

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February 7, 2013

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