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Whether it’s about branding, marketing, digital design, social media, green business, corporate social responsibility or our hometown of Seattle–we’ve got some things we’d like to say. Here you might find wisdom from the people whose brains we envy or shameless plugs for the ideas that get us fired up. Maybe even a behind-the-scenes look at what we do and the coffee we drink, or an occasional photo of whatever oddity happens into our view. Oh, and probably lots of cute animal pics too…we can’t help ourselves. Enjoy.


Left to right at table: Stephen Black, BECU; Lisa Keeney McCarthy, Keeney's Office Supply; Allen Rickert, Top Ten Toys; Ralph Allora, TRAY Creative. (Photo by James Pope, TRAY Creative)

Seattle business pros share wisdom on brands and local values

Last week TRAY Creative joined with Seattle Good Business Network in presenting a panel discussion titled, “The Winning Recipe: Add Local Flavor.” The event was the second in the year-long Advantage: Local series, designed to offer marketing and branding strategies for Seattle’s local, independent businesses. Held at Impact HUB Seattle and moderated by TRAY’s Ralph…

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Detail from the report, "What Seattle Really Thinks About Local"

Seattle consumer study now available for free download

Earlier this year, TRAY Creative partnered with Seattle Good Business Network and customer insights agency Hemispheres to kick off a new event series called Advantage: Local, designed to help Seattle’s local, independent businesses improve their marketing and branding efforts. The premiere event introduced the results of a first-of-its-kind study, in which Seattle consumers revealed their…

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TRAY launches new brand for Berry Delight

Summer’s here. The perfect time for a cup of delicious frozen yogurt piled high with fresh toppings. And not coincidentally, the perfect time for TRAY to roll out a new brand for Berry Delight, an up-and-coming frozen yogurt store based in Pleasanton, Cal. Working from a solid brand strategy developed by Maria Ross of Red…

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June 25, 2013

Branding, Lifestyle, TRAY News

David Bauer of Hemispheres presenting at "What Seattle Really Thinks About Local"

New study: Seattleites love “local”… but many need more incentives

A new consumer study has revealed that Seattle-area residents care about local, independent businesses: 88% say that supporting these businesses is either very or somewhat important in their purchase decisions, and many are willing to pay more for the privilege. The love, however, is not without limits: Two-thirds of these consumers need more incentives to…

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Announcing the ADVANTAGE: LOCAL event series for Seattle businesses

If you run a locally owned and independently operated business in the greater Seattle area, we’ve got some exciting news. TRAY Creative is partnering with the nonprofit Seattle Good Business Network and Seattle-based customer insights agency Hemispheres to present ADVANTAGE: LOCAL — a new event series offering marketing and branding strategies for Seattle’s local, independent…

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B&W detail of flute keys and hands

Sure, you can cancel. But first, a sad flute.

When it comes to consumer perception of brands, it’s the little things that count. Things as small, in fact, as the hold music. Recently I decided to cancel a particular service I’d been using through Register.com, the domain registration provider. I was hoping to handle this quickly and efficiently online, but as is the case…

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April 25, 2013


More mentally stimulating than Honey Boo Boo (Image: DogTV)

Niche marketing goes barking mad: a TV channel for dogs

In an age where seemingly every niche market gets its own cable TV network, you knew something like this was coming: DirecTV has just announced the addition of DogTV, a premium channel targeted exclusively to dogs. Not dog owners. Dogs. DogTV features images and audio claimed to be specifically calibrated for canine sensitivities. According to…

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April 10, 2013

Lifestyle, Marketing