Detail from ShortStack's Facebook Checklist

Improve your organization’s Facebook page: tips from ShortStack

January 22, 2013

By TRAY creative

At a dead end when it comes to growing your fan base on Facebook? Getting a decent amount of engagement on your page, but not seeing it translate into improved web traffic or conversion in other online branding and marketing efforts? Fear not.

On the blog of ShortStack — maker of a popular app design tool for social media promotions — we recently came across some solid advice on how to optimize an organization’s Facebook page and leverage it for traffic and engagement across other channels.

After looking through their comprehensive list of tips (some involve very specific tactics; others are general, common-sense strategy), we realized that while our own Facebook page follows quite a few of the suggested practices, we certainly haven’t implemented anywhere near all of them. We intend to get cracking on that.

But first, here are a few highlights, slightly paraphrased. For the full list, including a useful infographic on the subject, see ShortStack’s original post here.

  • In the About section (specifically, the short description visible on the main page), make sure your website URL is the first thing listed.
  • In the additional About section (the Company Overview or Description), provide links to your company’s other social channels and blog, if applicable.
  • For your cover photo, create a photo description featuring further information on the image or your organization, a call to action, and/or a URL link.
  • Whenever possible, use a photo or another type of media to accompany a new status update.
  • Try to offer special content just for your Facebook fans, for example a free e-book or exclusive industry advice and tips.