Detail from the Materials Innovation Exchange sponsorship grid

The sponsorship grid: a useful tool for nonprofits

September 13, 2012

By TRAY creative

A quick tip for nonprofits seeking corporate sponsorship: Instead of presenting a text-heavy laundry list of sponsorship features and benefits on the Sponsorship page of your website, make it visual.

That’s what NBIS (Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability), one of TRAY’s nonprofit partners, did. NBIS, which gives businesses and professionals access to the resources needed to succeed in the Green Economy, recently launched the Materials Innovation Exchange, a regional marketplace and a global resource supporting innovation in materials management and waste reduction.

TRAY worked with the NBIS team to develop three tiered levels of corporate sponsorship available for the Exchange. The Sponsorship section of the Exchange website includes a visual grid that allows decision-makers to see at a glance exactly which benefits are available across the different sponsorship levels. Because the sponsorship benefits are fairly comprehensive, they have been grouped into categories such as Online, Thought Leadership, and Promotion & Outreach. (To view detail from the Exchange sponsorship grid, click on the image at right.)

It’s a more effective approach than a running list, which can get unwieldy when carried out through multiple sponsorship tiers. Also, the grid format can be replicated across a variety of marketing materials.