Video still from a short film created by Hand Crank Films for the University of Washington's Foster School of Business

You have a great story. Tell it with video.

August 30, 2012

By TRAY creative

At our core, TRAY helps brands share their stories with the world. And few forms of modern storytelling are more expressive, more accessible and more sought-after than video. TRAY’s friends at the video production company Hand Crank Films are experts at telling stories via video, including a moving, award-winning PSA called “9/11 Happened to Us All.” Today’s guest post is by Hand Crank Films producer Chris Donaldson, who makes a compelling case for video. It’s adapted from a white-paper report, the full version of which can be obtained by contacting Chris here.

Say hello to the power of video

Everybody wants to connect. That’s the intrinsic nature of people, of society, of culture. And storytelling is the foundation of that connection. No matter what exciting thing your business is doing, the goal is to create a community built around what you do. What you’re about. To share your core belief in service and in people. Video can help get you there.

When video is done right, your chances of ROI increase dramatically. According to a March 2010 survey of advertising agencies commissioned by the video network BrightRoll, more than half of respondents stated that online video is more effective than other forms of advertising.

Luckily, you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to create compelling video that drives business. What you need are some ideas. Here are a few you might consider:

  • Company overview—Tell your audience about the history of your company, the mission, the people, the services you provide to your community and your core values.
  • Product overview—Describe the benefits and features of your product or service; why/how to buy.
  • How-to—Tutorials that cut back on customer service calls.
  • Internal Training—To educate employees and save training costs.
  • Promotional Advertising/Commercials—To communicate your promotions and deals quickly and easily.
  • Press Releases—Video is perhaps the easiest way to capture the media’s attention. Electronic press kits (EPKs) make it easier than ever.
  • Educational Content—Creating engaging content that communicates specific information about you to your audience.
  • Fundraising—Nothing explains your mission and captures potential donors like engaging video. Use it for your next fundraising campaign.

As social media and online advertising become more and more important for businesses, it’s critical to think beyond delivering “one video” for reaching audiences. Our clients are instead maximizing their presence by taking the longer videos we produce and slicing them into shorter pieces. These pieces then become part of a content library spread across different platforms like events, trade shows, websites, emails, press releases, online advertising, and social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Behind every good company is a narrative that—if told right—is certain to build brand awareness that moves the needle on the bottom line. Your business should communicate that, and let people know: What’s your story?