The enduring intrigue of Blisscuits

August 9, 2012

By TRAY creative

Here at the TRAY compound, we’ve been strangely obsessed with Blisscuits, the health food product developed by actress Mariel Hemingway, ever since we discovered its beckoning display box at the Tully’s Coffee across the street from our office. It’s gotten to the point where we are strongly encouraging TRAY’s co-principal Bridget Perez to officially change her name to Blisscuit Perez.

Neither Bridget nor anyone else on the team has actually tried one of these things, mind you. It’s just that we find so many things about it fascinating. First, there’s the mystifying nature of the product itself. What is it? According to the Blisscuits website, Blisscuits is “neither a health bar nor a traditional cookie.” Yet we are told in the next paragraph: “You might say a Blisscuit is a ‘healthy’ health bar, in the shape of a biscuit–cookie.” It’s a food identity crisis of epic proportion.

Then, there’s the tagline: “One’s a snack. Two’s almost a meal.” It’s the almost that kills us. Why go halfway? Why couldn’t they size the thing so that two is, in fact, a meal?

Finally, there’s the fact that it’s just plain fun to say out loud. Try it. Blisscuits. It’s like the human version of Snausages.

Now you’re obsessed too. We apologize.