An immersive brand experience. (Photo: Virgin America)

Question of the Day: Maria Ross

August 7, 2012

By TRAY creative

In which we ask folks in our network to give their quick take on what in the worlds of tech, design, branding and marketing gets them fired up.

Friend of TRAY: Maria Ross, Red Slice

Q: What brand do you swear allegiance to and why?

A: I have a huge brand crush on Virgin America. These guys do everything right. They recognize that to be successful, you need a strong, differentiated brand strategy before you do anything else (in their case: the hip, cheeky and personable airline that makes flying fun again). Then, they communicate that message and personality through every single customer touchpoint. From the airport signage, to their ads, to the potted palms at the ticket counter, to the in-flight safety video, to the cabin lighting…it’s all about a consistent customer experience.

They’ve infused their brand personality into every detail and that is what inspires loyalty, delights customers and promotes word of mouth. And they are hugely active on social media and respond to comments and complaints on Twitter quickly – again showing they are committed to making your experience with them as awesome as possible.