4 questions that will generate a good B2B client testimonial

July 23, 2012

By TRAY creative

Few devices establish trust and credibility for B2B companies like a powerful client testimonial. It’s one thing for your company to tout its own expertise and service. It’s quite another to hear it directly from the people who have entrusted you with their own business.

When you’re soliciting a testimonial from a client, you could leave it open-ended, and hope that what you’ll get in return is usable. But it’s often better to ask them to frame their comments in a way that gives you a bit more control over the direction of the message. This way, you can help ensure that you’ll get usable content.

Thought-starters for client testimonials

It’s OK to politely ask clients to frame their comments around one or more of these questions.

1. What was the project or objective for which you hired [Company]?

2. How did they approach your specific challenge?

3. What was your general experience in working with them? Can you cite a specific instance or moment that sums up the experience?

4. Would you work with them again or recommend them to others? Why or why not?

Once you get a response to these questions, you’ll probably need to edit it down. If your client has written a 500-word opus on how great you are, you’ll probably find there’s a lot of redundancy to be cut. No one will want to read the thing in its entirety, so boil it down to a couple of essential sentences if possible.

By the way, the questions shown above also work as a good interview structure for video testimonials. Video is becoming an indispensable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, so if you’re planning to sit your client down in front of a camera, use those questions to drive the conversation.