Question of the Day: Kayley Freshman-Caffrey

July 17, 2012

By TRAY creative

In which we ask folks in our network to give their quick take on what in the worlds of tech, design, branding and marketing gets them fired up.

Friend of TRAY: Kayley Freshman-Caffrey, Marketing Intern, TRAY Creative

Q: Seen a great website lately that made you laugh, cry (in a good way) or get inspired?

A: Recently, I stumbled upon a website designed as an invitation to the wedding of a couple named Russ and Jessica. It can be seen here. The wonder of their site is that they were able to build upon their already-present skills to design a narrative that’s both engaging and informative. I don’t even know them, but I read the whole page because it captured my attention. It’s fun. I admire them for being able to create that type of experience.