Question of the Day: Ralph Allora

July 11, 2012

By TRAY creative

Welcome to a new feature in which we ask folks in our network to give their quick take on what in the worlds of tech, design, branding and marketing gets them fired up. To ease everyone in, we’ll start with a person inside our house.

Friend of TRAY: Ralph Allora, TRAY Creative

Q: What product is designed so beautifully that you want to hug it?

A: I have seen the future of luxury automobiles, and it is the Tesla Model S. It’s an electric car with something new: a really powerful visual presence. The Model S is incredibly sleek, but not in that boring, used-bar-of-soap way that you might associate with a typical electric car. It has beautiful sculpting and design details that stand up to any fossil fuel-powered luxury sedan from the US, Europe or Asia. Want one.